foundations course • WEEK THREE


Welcome! Before beginning this section, you may want to complete the personal archetype questionnaire.  Throughout the videos, you should keep a printed archetype chart handy and write down the names of those who come to mind in connection to a particular archetype. 

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Caveats: Gender, Safety & Process article link


Part One:

The password when necessary for all videos is: Toni2020

Part Two:


classic seeker-companion films:

seeker-companion in popular music :

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SCORING THE QUESTIONNAIRES: Each side of the questionnaire represents a single archetype.  On the Personal Questionnaire, answers on the left count toward Mother-Father and those on the right count toward Seeker-Companion.  * A reminder that no test is equivalent with your inner nature and that understanding one's archetype is for many people a process that unfolds fruitfully over time.  Do not place to much emphasis on the questionnaire, the primary importance belongs to your own self-understanding.

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