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Today organizations everywhere are recognizing that unconscious psychological motivations underpin our reactions to almost everything. How we feel about candidates, cars and climate change is driven by the deepest forces within us. To get our message across requires more than a rational approach, we must correctly identify both our own unconscious biases and those of the people we want to reach.

Are there segments of the market that you know you’re not getting? It is common today for organizations to discover that their messaging is only repeatedly connecting them the same group of people. To grow your audiences requires recognizing that organizations have an unconscious culture that shapes the character, tone and limits of their outreach. Bring that foundation to light and you can begin to address its weaknesses. Once we recognize our own inherent positioning, we become better able to realize the limitations of our current messaging approach and adapt beyond it.

The battle for control of markets, voters and issues is waged through communication informed by psychological insight. Most of the ads today reach right into the unconscious of viewers. To respond effectively we must correctly identify the deep archetypal buttons being pressed by our competitor’s marketing. Organizations and campaigns need psychological insight to effectively reach their audience and counter the competition. Gary uses unique Jungian knowledge to find dynamic power for messaging and grow audiences. He can also draw upon a network of skilled specialists to create the perfect team to achieve your goals.



unique insights

Steeped in the Jungian traditions of Personality Type and Archetype, Gary brings unique insights into personality not found elsewhere. This knowledge provides a special edge for getting in touch with those outside of your current audience. He can also help you to better recognize your organizational and shadow and identify archetypal team strengths and weaknesses.


Campaign strategy

Want to gain better insight about your client and understand why your marketing may or may not be speaking to them? Identifying archetypal motivations in your audience enables you to reach them more effectively. Expand your audience by recognizing the unconscious drivers of those outside your current campaigns messaging. Discover how your messaging can be better tailored to avoid losing those you to seek to gain.


Archetypal branding

Good branding successfully identifies and encapsulates the core of your product or mission. Using insight from the Jungian psychological tradition, we help organizations to brand in a way that is immediately identifiable, impactful and successful.