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How is your path different from others?
What is your deepest source of satisfaction and fulfillment?
Discover how to better understand others, give them what they really want and help them better understand you.



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archetype for actors,

vancouver, bc • APr. 13-15

with Katherine Young, M. Ed. - click here for more


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"Your visuals were fantastic and showed the care you have taken to illustrate complex material and make it both understandable and, at the same time, impressive." – Orange County

". . . Gave me the tools to understand what the archetypes are, what they mean to me and how to go deeper with them in a day to day meaningful way . . . took me to an whole new level of relationship. And it was fun!" – San Diego

Archetypal Nature SERIES ONE introduces the basic inherent tensions and the four essential ways of being.  The differences in how we find identity and fulfillment, relationship styles and parenting is illustrated through film, television and historic examples.  We'll look at our own archetype and how we react to our opposites.

Archetypal Nature SERIES TWO explores the myths connected to the archetypes, the archetypal combinations and potential archetypal shadows–all illustrated through film, television and historic examples (you must have completed a previous Archetype workshop or webinar in order to participate in Series Two).


Toni Wolff revealed a pair of binary oppositions in the psyche–Archetypal Nature is a modernization of her system for men and women. Each of Toni’s archetypes reveals a path by which we find fulfillment; they are eternal stories of identity; a prism by which we better understanding family and social roles; and given awareness they can become a portal for generational healing.  Consciously recognizing these polarities allows us project less: we no longer imagine that everyone wants the same things that we do and we become better able give others what they really want.

In this workshop, Gary fleshes out the unique insights into personality that Toni Wolff discovered.  Using film, television, historic, mythological and pop culture examples, he illustrates the qualities that define each archetype and the polarities between them.  Together, we’ll explore the inherent tensions in society, looking at the nature of our relationships to: collective belonging and family; creativity, individuality and Eros; application, self-sufficiency and prowess; comprehension, problem-solving and imagination.  Gary will point out possible shadows and highlight the best qualities of each archetype.  Attendees will be encouraged to reflect and share their discoveries.

"Illuminating, captivating, compelling."


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“This is material we can use to understand ourselves and those close to us better–I feel like it's okay to be who we are!” – Huntington Beach, CA


"Tremendously enlightening!!" – Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent work! Thank you! I go to workshops like these with my wife all the time. This is by far the best I’ve ever attended. And a great value!" – Los Angeles, CA

Workshops include:

Archetypal Nature e-Handbook

Private Online ForumThis work is highly psychoactive and questions often continue to bubble up for weeks (years!) afterwards.  You will be invited to join our private online discussion group, where you can start discussions, ask questions and share insights. 

"Truly liberating! Helpful and absorbing." – Vancouver, BC 2015

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Everyone! No experience necessary! Anyone can appreciate this work because what we're exploring is part of the psyche, part of Nature.

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“Illuminating! Gave me a more non-judgmental understanding of others." – Vancouver, BC 2015

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