"It's like you've discovered this big place, like Yosemite or Big Sur . . .
I'm stunned by how much it means to me."
– Gavin Frye, MFT, Los Angeles, CA

"Illuminating, captivating, compelling." – Vancouver, BC

"You start to see the whole world differently." – Tracey Wideman, London, UK

"I put things together that I had struggled with–
I feel I can better navigate the ocean of personalities out there." – Berlin

"Incredibly insightful! Opens your eyes to your potential and blind spots." London, UK

"I am still getting 'A-ha' moments weeks later." – Leah Taylor, Comox Valley Jung Society, Vancouver Island, BC

"Deep insight into your path and your understanding of other people's path." – Holland

"Clarifies the reasons behind the life we choose." – Berlin

"I'm delighted. I'm seeing clearly for the first time who I really am." – Marigrace Lonegran Gleason, Los Angeles


"Awesome in the old sense of the word! Powerful!" – Asheville, NC

"Wonderful work, so rich and enlivening." – Vancouver, BC