personality type / MBTI™

Understanding Personality Type can bring tremendous insight into ourselves and our relationships.  Recognizing our strengths allows us to discover how we operate best in the world and how to prosper more easily and more happily.  Recognizing the variety of personality preferences enables us to be more patient.  We can understand professional and personal differences with greater clarity and come to make better choices.

The MBTI™ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is based on the Psychological Types of C. G. Jung.  He published Psychological Types in 1921 and it is this work that gave us the words "extravert" and "introvert"–Jung literally coined the terms.  The other two categories in Jung's original system are Intuition versus Sensation (which has to do with how we perceive the world, Sensors see the details and Intuitive types see the whole) and Thinking-Feeling (which has to do with how we make decisions: either objectively or subjectively).

MBTI™ Personality Type Assessment

Based on the Psychological Types of C. G. Jung, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps us understand profound differences in how we all operate in the world.  Includes official test materials assessed by a certified administrator and explanation of system and a consultation and Q &A session.


A working understanding of Personality Type offers profound insight into relationships, both personally and in business.  It allows us to recognize and understand differences in preference–strengths and weaknesses–and see potentials untapped in ourselves and others.

Gary has been a certified administrator of the MBTI™ for two decades and is happy to bring his wealth of insight on Personality Type to his work with you and/or your organization.

The MBTI™ test (preference indicator) offers a far greater and more accurate assessment of personality type than any online test.  Gary also uses his own fluency with Type to assess through his interaction with his clients and assure the accuracy of the type profile.

Gary's MBTI™ Personality Type Assessment includes the use of the proprietary test, scoring and a one hour consultatation and explanation of the results.  Further sessions allow for deeper understanding of the workings of Personality Type in your life.

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