foundations course • Part One

Welcome! On the second half of this page, you'll find all of the video sessions for the Archetypal Nature Foundations Video Course and the course outline and instructions about how to best use this material.


In your email for the course, you should have received an Archetypal Nature Handbook, pre-workshop questionniare, an archetype chart, and both personal and impersonal archetype questionnaires.  Before beginning this section, you may want to complete the personal archetype questionnaire.  Throughout the videos, you should keep a printed archetype chart handy and write down the names of those who come to mind in connection to a particular archetype. 

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mother - father

Caveats: Gender, Safety & Process article link

The Gods in Other Men & Women: Introductory Article link

On the Archetypes: Mother & Father article link


Please print out a copy of this chart (there's one in the email you received as well) and fill it in
with your friends, family and whoever comes to mind as you advance through the course.

Before watching the Session One) video you may want to complete the
Pre-Workshop Questionnaire and the Personal Archetype Questionnaire

part one:

Part two:

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Each side of the questionnaire represents a single archetype.  On the Personal Questionnaire, answers on the left count toward Mother-Father and those on the right count toward Seeker-Companion.  On the Impersonal Questionnaire, answers on the left count toward Warrior-Amazon and those on the right count toward Sage-Mediatrix.  * A reminder that no test is equivalent with your inner nature and that understanding one's archetype is for many people a process that unfolds fruitfully over time.  Do not place to much emphasis on the questionnaire, the primary importance belongs to your own self-understanding.

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